• MCO Home MH9-CO2 - CO2 Sensor

MCO Home MH9-CO2 - CO2 Sensor

  • Brand: MCO HOME
  • Product Code: MCOEMH9-CO2
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Air Quality Monitors can real-time detect & alarm CO2 in air, and  built-in with VOC, Temperature & Humidity sensors. They even can be customized with outputs to control air ventilation system directly. These devices are of high reliability and practicability, and able to work in any Z-Wave network with other Z-Wave certified devices. Monitor CO2 concentration in air with high accuracy Power supply:12VDC CO2 range: 0-2000ppm, default alarm threshold:1000ppm (adjustable) Temperature range: -9.0~50 ℃; Humidity range: 0%~99%RH Dimension: 90x130x28mm (3.5"x5.1"x1.1") Installation: Wall-mounted (Vertical), Hole Pitch:60mm or 82mm Z-Wave frequency: 868.42MHz(EU)

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