• MCO Home MH7H-WH - Water Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor

MCO Home MH7H-WH - Water Heating Thermostat with humidity sensor

  • Brand: MCO HOME
  • Product Code: MCOEMH7H-WH
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The MCOEMH7-WH thermostat is a device for room temperature control, equipped with Z-Wave wireless technology. It is applied to control water heating systems such as wall mounted boiler, water valve/pump, under floor pipes, radiator systems etc. and electrical systems such as heating cable, electro-thermal film, heating actuator, electrical globe valve etc.

The wall thermostat MCOEMH7-WH requires a static installation with mains power. Thanks to its modern design with capacitive glass touch panel it is particularly suited for visible installation in living areas.

With the modern designed glass touch thermostats by MCO you can control various heating and cooling systems – e.g. heating cable, heating film, water valve, electrical valve, boiler, fan coil, solar energy controller, heat pump, ventilation system etc.


  • Tempered glass panel with capacitive buttons
  • Programmable schedule: 4 events each day of 7 days 5+2; 5+1+1
  • Operation: Manual, Auto (Time periods), Holiday (Energy saving)
  • With two temperature sensors for control 
  • Internal Temp. Sensor: NTC 15K
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Working Environment:0-50℃ <90% RH(non-condensation)
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave Plus
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 42 mm

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