• Danfoss HC10 (Hydronic contoller), for 10 outputs

Danfoss HC10 (Hydronic contoller), for 10 outputs

  • Brand: DANFOSS
  • Product Code: DANEHC10
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The Danfoss HC (Hydronic Controller) is part of the wireless Z-wave controlsystems for heating systems in residential homes.

The Danfoss HC allows the control of warmwater floor heating systems. The system offers a big bandwidth of advanced functions for optimal comfort and energy savings and allows a single room temperature control.

The Danfoss HC includes among other things: Z-Wave 868,42MHz, 510 short circiut safe outputs for 24V actuator drives NC or NO, Relays for pump and boilercontrol, self-testing program, regulation by ON/OFF- or PWM-principle (pulse width modulation) etc.

The system can exist of multiple Danfoss HC for bigger systems with more than 10 actuators drives. The Danfoss HC has a direct connector to a power supply of 230V. Because of that you do not need an additional transformer but all actuator drives will be supplied with 24V power.



  • Z-Wave EU frequency
  • 10 short circuit protected outputs with LED notice
  • Output for 24V actuator drive NC or NO
  • Guarantee of valve function at alle outputs even when there is temperatur control, every 14 day valve movement for ca. 12 minutes
  • regulation by PWM-principle (pulse width modulation)
  • Relays for pump regulation with automatic 1 minute pump start-up on every third day, to avoid damages during the Standby time periods
  • Relays for boiler regulation, only active during warming needs
  • easy cable mounting to all outputs of the actuator drives for different cable types (square or round)
  • Automatic self diagnostics to show lost connection to the device
  • Powersupply: 230V

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